Christiana Cole sings on the soundtrack of “What Breaks The Ice”

Christiana Cole sings on the soundtrack of upcoming thriller What Breaks the Ice. The score is by celebrated composer Alex Weston (The Farewell, Wander Darkley). Watch the trailer above to hear Christiana, along with frequent vocalist collaborator Christine Cornell (Joanna Gleason’s Out of the Eclipse).

Via ET Online:

Madelyn Cline is taking a break from digging stuff up on Outer Banks to instead bury a secret in the upcoming thriller, What Breaks the Ice.

Set in the ’90s, the coming-of-age drama stars Cline (of the Netflix hit series and soon to be in Knives Out 2) and Sofia Hublitz (Ozark) as unlikely friends whose carefree summer takes a dark turn when they find themselves at the center of a murder case. Will the secret bond them for life or tear them apart?

“Working on What Breaks the Ice is one of my best memories. I met people I will love for life,” Cline tells ET. “It was an incredible experience to work on a project with mostly female-led departments and to really collaborate with Rebecca [Eskreis] and make this movie special.”

Hublitz adds, “Making this movie meant making so many new friends and memories I will cherish forever. It was also most notably special to be a part of a film where every department-head was a woman. I’m so lucky to have shared this experience with my co-star who became one of my best friends.”

What Breaks the Ice is in select theaters and available on demand on Oct. 1.

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