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My name is Christiana Cole. I have been singing professionally for the last 20 years, and have been teaching voice for 15 years, to both children and adults.

I’ve been on the voice faculty at the NYFA Professional Conservatory of Musical Theater and a guest lecturer at Columbia University, University of Lynchburg, Nebraska Wesleyan University, and SUNY New Paltz. I’ve taught professionals on Broadway, Off-Broadway and national tours, folks who just want to sound better in the shower, and everyone in between. I love talking about singing and sharing my knowledge!

My technique

Classically trained singers such as myself are taught to produce the biggest, most powerful sound with the most precise control, all while doing no harm to the vocal chords. This method of singing – the “bel canto” or “beautiful voice” method – is what I teach all of my students. Not everybody wants to sing opera – but this technique will make you an infinitely better singer, in whatever genre you choose. I myself mostly sing musical theatre and pop – but my classical technique is what gives me an extra edge, and is the foundation of my singing.

I also work with non-singers who wish to improve their speaking voices. With the techniques I teach, my students have more vocal stamina, and richer, more resonant and authentic speaking voices that carry much further than untrained voices.

You will be amazed at the difference you’ll feel in both your speaking and singing voice (and all-around well being) once you begin breathing and phonating more easily and efficiently.

The Details

– $95 per 55 minute lesson
*OR prepay $425 for 5 lessons – $85 per lesson, for a savings of $50
*OR prepay $800 for 10 lessons – $80 per lesson, for a savings of $150
– 24 hour cancellation policy ($20 rescheduling fee anytime a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance)
– Both in-person and Zoom lessons are available.

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I look forward to the prospect of teaching you!



The change we heard in the singers was incredible – it verged on ‘faith healer’ territory. Thank you again. It was an amazing experience for the singers, and I learned a lot. I’m so happy to refer singers to you.”
– composer and producer Sam Carner

“My voice teacher Christiana Cole is the reason I am a confident singer and a great teacher. Before studying with Christiana, my singing was good. It was cute, contained, and easy to listen to. Because of their unique, specific, and creative ways of teaching, my voice is powerful and strong with an expansive range. I sing notes that seemed out of reach and perform songs I never thought I could.” – Calli McRae, star of Pip’s Island Off-Broadway and founder of Bloom Vocal Studio

About Christiana: “I cannot recommend them enough. They are the only voice coach I’ve met that made me want to commit and sing again. They understand emotion, the body, and that your voice will be unique to you. They really are a spiritual guide.” – Kristin K.

“Omg! I just had to text you that our last lesson made it possible for me to belt in a range I never could before! Holy sh*t! Had so much fun singing songs that used to be soooo hard and now, once I’m in the right body position, etc I can sing them! Thank you a million times over!” – Hudson C.

Christiana is my ideal coach. They instantly put me at ease, while at the same time pouring all of their energy and immense knowledge of theater and music into the work. I definitely feel the most confident walking into a callback after a Christiana coaching!” – Sarah Z.

Right after an audition: “Crushed it. AND while sick. You have worked wonders on my voice!” – Lindsey Z.

“I love the sound of my voice.” – Eliana R.

“Thank you for such an amazing lesson! That was the first time I truly felt a song.” – Lisette S.

“Thank you for creating an environment of compassion and understanding. It’s truly a gift to be able to work with someone who creates a welcome and open environment.” – Lauren G.

“You should probably post ‘before and after’ clips of your students singing, because people’s minds will be blown.” – Kodi M.

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For all other questions, please get in touch on the contact page.

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