What has Christiana been up to in quarantine?

K and C oh

Christiana Cole (right) and Lauren Kleinbaum (left) have been busy writing their original musical comedy Puritan/Lesbian/Witch. The song “Neighborly” (sung by time-traveling Puritan girl, Mary May Obedience Higginbottom Brown) premiered on the McGuire & Simon Virtual Salon on May 21st. You can learn more about the show at kleinbaumandcole.com.

Christiana has been busy recording demos from their home studio, including all the treble vocals for a new opera by legendary composer Philip Glass.

Christiana’s short musical “The Charm” (with composer David Shenton) is being published by Theater Now New York.

Christiana continues teaching voice lessons and writing coaching over Zoom.

Christiana continues to stand with their Black friends in solidarity, and always welcomes feedback on how they can be a better friend, artist, and teacher. Black Lives Matter.


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