Christiana Cole at the Daryl Roth Theatre D-Lounge June 22

nytb3On June 22, the New York Theatre Barn will present an evening of Christiana Cole’s work at the Daryl Roth Theatre D-Lounge. “Thank God We Perceive Time as Linear! An Evening with Christiana Cole” will feature an outstanding cast including Kristy Cates (Wicked), Chris Critelli (Bull Durham) Aaron Phillips (Disney in Concert), Lauren Frankovich, Chris Gwynn, Melody Madarasz, Megan Pachecano, Hana Slevin, and Arri Simon. Click here for tickets. The work of Stephen Dolginoff will also be featured that evening.

NY Theatre Barn
Monday June 22, 7:30pm
Daryl Roth Theatre (D-Lounge, 101 East 15th St., NYC)

An Evening With Christiana Cole

Music Direction by Arri Simon

Nothing is more overwhelming than the unstoppable march of time, but without it, theatre and music would be impossible. Christiana Cole writes musical theatre about singing animals to mitigate her existential angst. Singing pigs, singing hamsters, and even singing humans take center stage in this songbook. In selections from “The Piglets” (the story of the Three Little Pigs twenty years after the Wolf Incident, with collaborator Dina Pruzhansky), the original straw house pig and her daughter, Pinky, are respectively outraged and intrigued by a house made of something more substantial than straw. “The Charm,” a ten-minute musical with composer David Shenton, tells the story of a newlywed prince and princess who travel the world looking for a love charm. “The Charm” was a finalist in the 2013 SoundBites festival, and is now being developed as a full-length piece. Songs about time travel, turkeys, and love round out the program.
Tickets: $20 General Admission ($15 for students/BMI Members), plus a 2-drink minimum at the bar
Advance Tickets:

Artistic Producer: Laura Brandel
Producing Coordinator: Mackenzie Meeks

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