Christiana Little cast in TEETH, by Anna K. Jacobs and Michael R. Jackson


Michael R. Jackson and Anna K. Jacobs.

TEETH, by Anna K. Jacobs and Michael R. Jackson, is a musical adaptation of the 2006 Sundance Award-winning indie horror film of the same name that tells the story of Dawn O’Keefe, an evangelical Christian teen who discovers that she has teeth in her vagina. When forces conspire to destroy her, Dawn must decide which part of herself she will save and which she will sacrifice. Christiana Little plays one of the “Promise Keeper Girls,” Dawn’s friends who are saving themselves for marriage, no matter what. TEETH is being presented in concert as part of Ars Nova’s UNCHARTED program for rising stars in musical theatre.

Featuring Amelia Cormack, Jillian Gottlieb, Benjamin Howes, Christiana Little, Melody Madarasz, Eric William Morris, Aaron Riesebeck, and Kaye Tuckerman. Musical Direction by Lynne Shankel, directed by Stephen Santa.

UNCHARTED: Anna K. Jacobs & Michael R. Jackson
Friday, December 06 at 8:00PM
at Ars Nova
511 W. 54th St
New York, NY 10019

Get your tickets here.

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