Christiana Little performs at the Sonic Festival on October 20, 2011

Christiana Little will be performing at Sonic Festival, a brand new festival of 21st century music by more than 100 composers age 40 and under. Other ensembles and composers featured at the festival include Rufus Wainwright, Aphex Twin, Alarm Will Sound, eighth blackbird, Timo Andres, and Corey Dargel. Co-curator Derek Bermel describes Sonic as “a snapshot of the younger generation of music-makers, to showcase the richness, vitality, and diversity of the music being created right now – under our very noses here in New York and throughout the world.”

Christiana will be singing Requiem for K.V. by composer Christopher Cerrone on October 20th at 11pm at AfterHours: Innovocal, 200 Hudson Street, NYC. Requiem is a unique piece; it features Christiana singing atop pre-recorded tracks of her voice, creating a trio of Christianas. Cerrone says, “Too often times a singer must sacrifice the unique and salient color of her voice in order to blend with others; instead I chose to layer many electronic copies of the same voice so that the soprano could easily blend with other voices while the timbre of the piece remained uniquely hers.”

Listen to clip of Requiem for K.V. here.
Learn more about the Sonic Festival and purchase tickets here.