Christiana Little performs in North Carolina with (some of) Chuckleball

On April 15, 2011, Christiana traveled to the Hayes Center in Blowing Rock, North Carolina to perform with Chuckleball, the Off-Broadway parody comedy sports musical review. However, two members of the four-person cast and the director were stuck in NYC due to flight delays! With only a couple hours till showtime, Christiana prepared a 20-minute set of music to buy time, in hopes that her cast-mates would simply arrive late. When it became clear that they would not arrive until after 10pm, Christiana tore through the script to figure out which numbers could be done with only two actors. Her impromptu cabaret set, along with the revised show was a hit – including Christiana’s unrehearsed (but off-book) appearance as Tiger Woods! Cameo guest star Jerry Moore (head coach of the Appalachian State University Mountaineers football team) described Christiana’s accomplishment:

“It’s times like this, when things are not going your way, that certain performers rise to the occasion. As a coach, I want performers like [Christiana] on my team anytime.”

Watch a medley of Christiana’s pre-show song set here:

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